Dr Gem Acu Spots Massage Slippers

Dr Gem Acu Spots Massage Slippers

Discover the Dr Gem acu spots massage slippers and revitalise your body by simply walking in them! Their design is based on foot reflexology, a therapeutic technique which is thousands of years old. They have 82 acupressure points (41 on each slipper) which stimulate the reflex zones on the foot, providing benefits for other parts of the body. Made from PVC and fabric with hook-and-loop fastener to adjust them to the foot. They help to alleviate stress and nervous tension, to purify and eliminate toxins, and to activate blood circulation, the immune system and the endocrine system. Additionally, they benefit muscle relaxation and improve sleep quality. One pair included (one slipper for each foot).

Size guide:

  • S:  38/39
  • M: 40/41
  • L:  42/43



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Additional information

Weight 0.747 kg
Dimensions 32 x 13.5 cm



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